If you are looking for the X-Games factor in the martial arts our Trinity Martial Arts Hyper Pro program is definitely for you!

Students join this program for 3 reasons:

  1. To compete in Sport Martial Arts Tournaments.
  2. To learn Dynamic Kicks, Flips and Tricks.
  3. To learn how to use exciting martial arts weapons.
  • Hyper Pro students are/become Elite Athletes that will be admired by all
  • They get Stronger, Faster and more flexible
  • They learn Cool Kicks, like the Butterfly Kick, 540 Kick, 720 Kick, Tornado Kick, Velocity Kick E.T.C
  • They learn Cool Tricks like the back flip, The X-Out, Flash Kick, Aerial
  • They learn Weapons like the samurai sword (Safe edges), Kamas, Nun Chx, Bo-Staff and more